The Kind Bride – The new resource for vegan brides

Today I am pretty excited to share a project that I’ve been working on very recently. I’ve been so pleased to see the growth of vegan lifestyle magazines on the internet over the past few years. I am sure it is intriguing many non-vegans to give plant based living a try. 

In this niche, though, I noticed the lack of resources and guides for vegan brides. In fact, it can be quite daunting to search for vegan-friendly products over the internet. For example, trying a Google or Pinterest search with  ‘vegan wedding’ keywords  can be quite misleading; the results don’t necessary match the search and it can randomly include non vegan products. 

That made me think there is a clear need for a blog focused only on cruelty-free lifestyle wedding planning. 

This is simply how “The Kind Bride” came to my mind, and literally landed on the internet just a few weeks after. 

Combining my twenty-years experience in the wedding industry, and my dedication to vegan activism (by choice, with a gentler approach) I hope to provide useful content and easy access to brands and companies serving vegan brides. 

I welcome brides and their wedding party to reach out with questions and topics. I wish to create a network for easy information exchange, product reviews, and even story telling… I’d love to feature vegan real weddings as well! So, this is the time to submit your images and stories at thekindbride(at) 

The Kind Bride blog officially launched this Monday and I hope you’ll enjoy the first few features. From discovering 5 vegan resorts for your honeymoon equipped with a fully vegan restaurant in house, to an interview with our friend and nutritionist expert Sara Binde, who’s already blessed our Annaborgia’s blog with delicious vegan recipes. In an exclusive feature for The Kind Bride,  Sara shares her tips on how to get in perfect wedding shape on a plant-based regime.

There’s lots more to discover on The Kind Bride blog… vegan cakes, gift for your bridesmaids, and dreamy vegan wedding gowns too! And the list for new features is growing by the minute! Take a peak  subscribe and join The Kind Bride conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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