Ideas To Give Back On Your Wedding Day

Guest Writer Simona Campli shares ideas on how to give back on your wedding day.

They say the act of giving back brings higher self-esteem and happiness. Hauling gratitude and kindness in a moment of joy can, in fact, create an exponential positive wave.  On the other hand, if you’re not careful, planning a wedding can easily become one of the hardest, more stressful, draining experience of your life, taking all the joy out of a day that should simply be beautiful.

Giving back it’s definitely a much nicer approach and, as a bonus, will save you lots of tension and even help you stay in the budget! A bit like our ideas to create the easy peasy vegan wedding, here’s a list of few, uncomplicated ways to give-back on your wedding day. Let’s start from the beginning:

The Registry

List a few charities whose missions are closed to your and your spouse’s heart so by gifting your union, your friends and family will be pledging money for good causes.

Another idea would be to give guests the option to donate their time as their wedding gift, again either for charity or to take part in the organization of the party itself. This will add a very personal touch to your reception plus will give the people the chance to really feel part of it. Also, it doesn’t have to be too demanding, but, instead, really fun, if people contributes with their innate skills. This brings us to the next point:

Planning the reception

Collaborating with ethical vendors whose work empowers disadvantaged people of who give part of their profit to charity. A couple of stunning ideas to start with are re-purposed or gently-used centerpieces or socially responsible stationary.

Giving Back on your wedding day


Try to stay local in order to minimize the traveling miles and carbon footprint of your celebration day. A good poin to add an extra kind gesture could be hiring a not-for-profit space so the proceeds will go to support charitable activities.

The Dress

Choose among Annaborgia’s environmentally friendly, cruelty-free bridal and bridesmaid friendly’s dresses: you’ll also find that, thanks to their ultimate but simple designs, these are very easy to repurpose in other future occasions. If you opt for a more traditional wedding gown, after the wedding you can consider donating your dress to enlighten someone else’s special day.

Vegan Bridal Gown

 Food and Drinks

The golden rule is: locally sourced. Favor local produce and opt for gorgeous, plentiful buffet! This way people will only take what they’d like to eat, keeping waste to a minimum. Still a decent amount of food left? Consider donations to a food bank or local shelter.

Gifts for guests

Another great way to add a personal, loving touch and make your celebration day a festival of love is finding the time to hand-make crafty gifts for your guests. No matter what you choose to make, this will surely be something they will cherish forever.

Give back on your wedding day

 Honeymoon with a kind twist

Mixing relaxation time with voluntary work would be a great way to start your married life with even more love. You will be spoiled with choices with a quick search online.

And so the adventure begins… let it be a grand gesture of love-spreading and kindness!

Simona Campli is a writer and ethical coach, promoting best strategies for creative problem solving and well-being. Innovation instigator and sustainability warrior. Founder of @modaconsapevole

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