The Growth Of Organic Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products have seen a tremendous demand among consumers worldwide. According to Persistence Market Research the consume of eco-friendly cosmetics will be worth just under $22bn by 2024 in US alone.

I witnessed this shift with my own eyes in my native country, Italy.  It happened recently, during a cold winter afternoon walk while visiting a friend in the beautiful medieval town of Cividale del Friuli. My friend took me to see her latest find, which she was eager to show off, a new shop had recently opened in town, focused exclusively in Organic Beauty Products. So, we stepped in and met with Laura Bolzicco, owner of La Frau Eco&Biocosmesi. It didn’t take me long to share my friend’s enthusiasm. I was quite impressed with Laura’s  mission and the range of products/companies she is promoting in her store. I thought it would be a great story to share with Annaborgia’s readers and I asked Laura if she would be willing to talk about her business vision for our blog. Thankfully, she said yes!


Laura, tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what inspired you to create La Frau. 

I am the founder of La Frau Eco&Biocosmesi in Cividale del Friuli, Italy.  I worked for many years as a manager of a multinational fashion brand. When my son Alessandro was born I decided to change my lifestyle and focus on family. Soon after though, I missed the contact with the public so I started helping at my brother’s farm, curating some aspects of his business including marketing. During this time the farm shifted from conventional to organic farming which lead me to discover and love the organic cosmetic industry. It was a natural step to create La Frau, a bit risky during the current Italian economy but it has been quite rewarding on a personal and professional level.

Was it difficult to research products for your store?

Yes, it was. Before I opened doors, I spent 6 months researching, studying and testing brands that would be as respectful as possible to our health and  environment while performing  well through time. I also chose brand that I had learnt to love years earlier, like Setaré or Alkemilla, mainly from Italy.

How many of your products are vegan?

More then 85% 🙂

Some of the brands you promote are small artisanal brands. Can you tell us what or why they caught your attention?

I decided to make plenty of room for small artisanal businesses, like Le Officinali, a local regional reality. The founder, Eleonora, is an herbalist that decided to curate the production chain in all its stages, starting by personally planting the herbs she later uses in her products. Or, young brands like Alia Skin Care, from Sicily, using formulas containing olive oil from their own trees, mixed with other natural plant based ingredients strictly grown in their area to produce their organic essential oils. This practices are common to other new small Italian brands like Bisoubio, Kamelì, Biofive and many more.

Your store was an instant success, how to you explain this sudden blooming of green beauty?

It’s certainly a consumer’s growing need to return to nature and the realization that not only it is beneficial to our own body but to the environment as well.

Now your products are also available online for the Italian consumers. When will they be available internationally?

Yes, not even a month ago, on February 24th I launched our website and it’s been an instant success! International distribution? For sure during the second part of the year!


Ah! Sooner then expected, Laura is preparing to conquer the international public promoting all her favorite Italian green beauty brands, and I wish them all the same buzz Made in Italy style has always created around the world. Stay tuned for La Frau latest following their Facebook Page.

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