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Trusted Clothes is one of our go-to blogs to keep up with what’s new with sustainable fashion and environmental issues. We often share their great content with our social media followers. So it’s always a pleasure to see Annaborgia featured on their amazing blog. After last year article Fashion For The Vegan Bride ,  Scott Jacobsen sent along more detailed questions for his feature:  “An Interview with Daniela Degrassi of Annaborgia” .

Scott asked me about my family and upbringing which allowed me to share quite a few personal stories leading up to what inspired me to start an ethical fashion brand.

Here’s an extract from the interview:

You are the Founder and Creative Director for Annaborgia. What was the inspiration for Annaborgia? What tasks and responsibilities come with the position of creative director?

Working as a wedding photographer for over a decade had a clear impact on why I created Annaborgia and its particular market.  Designing clothes is an amazing way to express my creativity, but I also want the whole project to be more meaningful, to be socially helpful.  The Annaborgia line is ceremony friendly and gives brides and bridesmaids the great convenience to repurpose their looks after the wedding.  The line is designed for women that are conscious about the impact of fast fashion on the environment.  When I married, in 1994, there was not much talks about sustainability, but even then, I wasn’t interested in purchasing a dress that I’d never wear again, so I opted for a cocktail dress that I was able to wear many times again.  It was actually special to re-wear a dress that had so much meaning to me.  I strongly feel the wedding fashion is in need of a big transformation if we want to make weddings more sustainable going into the future.

During the development stages and a year into our launch, Annaborgia was relying entirely on my decisions, from the designs (while listening carefully to the expert feedback of our sample and product development team) to business operations.  I am so thrilled to have welcomed Karen Canaan as my business partner this summer.  She is an experienced lawyer and a true fashion expert and it’s been way easier to share the fun and burdens of a start-up with her company.

Annaborgia is vegan couture. What is vegan couture?

Our textiles are all vegan, meaning that no animal product or sub-product is used to create our designs. Remaining truthful to my vegan lifestyle, I opted to work with synthetic fibers, which I sourced carefully so that I could still offer the quality and feel of high-end textiles like silk.  Our designs are hand or partially hand sewn to give them a couture touch. We’re very proud of our signature Japanese satin poly that is used in most of our designs; it’s a high-performance, non-wrinkle textile processed without toxic dyes.

What makes Annaborgia unique?

Annaborgia is unique in its simplicity.  Our minimalist lines and classic palette transition easily from day to evening, spring to fall, wedding day to resort.


For the whole interview, please visit Trusted Clothes… Thank you Scott, Trusted Clothes team and thank you for reading!


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