Our Lily Bustier

Inspired by bridal fluffy layered wedding gowns,  Annaborgia’s Lily Bustier it’s shaped with just a bit more structure still maintaining that idea of lightness. Built with no wiring it sits gently but firmly and comfortably around the bust.

We wanted to create a piece that would complement the ethereal feel of our signature Kats Pants and embody enough zazz and pliability that it would be an easy piece to re-wear even paired with jeans.

We made a slight adjustment to the original prototype we featured on our blog in july, altering the sweetheart shape to a less effeminate line, surely making it a more comfortable fit for bustier or conscious ladies. The Lily Bustier will be available soon for Pre-Sale on our eStore in black and white and probably available in more colors in the future. We’d love any feedback from our readers, any color preference in mind? Inspire us!

As Annaborgia strives to design timeless garments that can function well for different social occasions,  the Lily Bustier is a great example of our brand concept. In fact, the Lily Bustier is such a ductile piece it can be even worn as a bridal bustier! That’s what we call an investment for life!




Photo Copyright Annaborgia

Model: Katya Linnik

Make Up: Reyna Khalil

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