Meet Annaborgia’s Face Katya Linnik

On this last August day, we’re delighted to finally introduce you to Annaborgia’s lovely Face, Katya Linnik. That she is a beautiful model it’s quite obvious, but that’s not nearly close to the reason why we chose her to represent Annaborgia mini debut collection. As we are inspired and design for independent, fearless but conscious women, we quickly determined that Katya fits that persona very well. What we love about her is her determination, her passion, her sensibility, and ultimately the fact that she doesn’t take herself too serious and lives in her beautiful skin without becoming a prisoner of it.

Katya, when did you first start modeling and who was your inspiration?

My first recollection of modeling was when I was a little girl, my mom would drop me off at my grandmother’s house while she worked.   My grandmother was a huge inspiration to me and an incredibly interesting person who did many things on her own, such as knitting, creating Fabric Design Art, designing and sewing some of her own and mine clothing. Among her many hobbies, my grandmother experimented with photography and film development.  My best memories were spending time together and because of this I became a subject of all her photographs.  Now as an adult I  realize how much of an influence my Grandmother  has had on my life.  I am very grateful for her hobbies, otherwise we would have had very few images of our family…

Katya Linnik

Who are the women that inspire you today?

Most women that have a powerful story inspire me. I admire how much women juggle on a day to day basis and how many roles they need to fulfill and that to me is very inspirational. If you ask for specific examples, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana and many more, because they have used their celebrity to contribute to less fortunate and support other humanitarian causes.

Tell us about your first photo shoot.

My first professional photo shoot was for a Russian Bride Magazine a publication in NYC, hair section when i was 17 years old.   A friend of mine Olga Kay, who was my hair stylist and also contributor to the magazine approached me and asked me to be a part of her spread on a bridal hair shot by Vital Agibalow.

What is your favorite part of modeling?

There are a few different parts of modeling that I really enjoy.  One would be getting to work with different, very talented artists all the time. 

Second, the unknown!  Not knowing what to expect from the shoot and how it may turn out.  It’s always a nice surprise to be able to look at the  photos at the end and think back and reflective on the creative journey of how we got to the final result. (Typically, sets are not nearly as glamourous as they appear in the photos!) I think its especially important to be versatile in every one of the modeling genres which requires a different skill and emotion connected to it, and that builds more self-confidence.

Third would have to be the necessity of being comfortable in your own skin.  As model you are always being critiqued about your looks, weight, hair, skin, etc.  You have to be absolutely comfortable with who you are and not take anything that is said about yourself personal.  

How has it impacted your life? 

All of the above impacts and fits my personality very well which makes me feel complete.  When I model and meet so many talented people that really love what they do and work hard to be recognized for what they do is very inspirational and rewarding.

What is your passion?

My passionate people that surround me, family, friends, my handsome husband and my loving dog Argo.  My passion is exercise, food and nutrition, wine, fashion, travel, art.

Katya Linnik


Besides modeling, do you have more plans for the future?

As for a dream job I always wanted to be an Interior Designer.  I generally enjoy architecture and interior spaces and how they can be transformed to look completely different.  My enjoyment is being a part of the creative transformation wither it’s someone’s home, office, community space, or a person’s image and  making a difference in their everyday life which makes me feel very good.

I also really enjoy being an Image Consultant.  There’s something about making others feel comfortable with their own body image and feel more confident that brings joy to me.  I recently got to work for Horizon Showcase which helps musicians showcase their talents and I had a pleasure to work with a few very talented musicians that are searching to find their stage image and it has been a very rewarding experience.

Annaborgia Stella Dress


Can you describe shooting with Annaborgia?  Highlights?  Stories?  Lasting impressions? 

When I  met with Daniela Degrassi (CEO and owner of Annabrogia) and Elisabetta Bilardi (event coordinator) a year before the actual shoot we discussed the brand and some ideas.  It was very special adventure  to be a part of the creative process and get to know more about Annabrogia and what the company stands for in the following months.

And what a great feeling to make it all happen, a year later, as Daniela had envision it. She traveled to LA for the shoot as we originally daydreamed about. For its Italian reference, she chose the location of the Canals of Venice beach in Los Angeles which as some of you may know gets somewhat crowded.  Changing was perhaps a highlight as we only had certain amount of time for the lighting to be good and there wasn’t enough time to walk back and forth to change.  Therefore, we had to be very clever about changing very quickly outside right where we were shooting. But it turned out to be an easy task as Annaborgia’s clothes are such an easy wear, sleek, light, comfortable and on top of that they are so glamorous! 

I  really enjoyed working with a small intimate team, Annaborgia’s CEO Daniela Degrassi behind the camera, Elisabetta Bilardi and Reyna Khalil (MUA/Hair). We were really laughing a lot and had a great time creating Annaborgia’s Campaign.  There is something incredible about working and creating with great individuals that have an amazing sense of humor! The funniest and most memorable time was  when the girls were bringing up Italian cultural references to inspire  a certain expression out of me… I’m still laughing whenever I think about it because it worked! ; )  

What does being the face of this company’s products  and representing us means to you?

I love animals and the 1st impression was that you believe in being kind to animals which really speaks volume to me…


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