Ethical Is The New Sexy

A couple of weeks ago,  a statement by fashion entrepreneur Tom Cridland got my attention.

Eco fashion brands need to become more fun and less preachy” said the 24 years old London based designer to Forbes Magazine  contributor Esha Chhabra.

At Annaborgia, we’re very active on social media sharing horror stories about fast fashion and their huge toll on the environment, not to mention the poor and unsafe conditions workers are exposed to in order to mass produce for the majority of fashion brands.

We have a loyal niche who supports the stories we share, but what about the millions of consumers out there that will snort and turn their eyes and ears at yet another ‘thumbs down’ article on fast fashion?

 Let’s face it. There are still a lot of consumers who don’t care about #whomadeyourclothes  hashtags, animal well fare or pollution. But, I am not willing to let them be. If I am in this business, it’s because I want to help change this industry for the better. How do I get their attention in the hope to ignite a little spark of curiosity?

I think Cridland struck a significant chord. While it’s important to keep exposing Fast Fashion issues, as a Eco friendly designer I will respond to Tom’s ‘call to action’, and will focus more on all the benefits our brand can offer creating an enticing and playful message.

My lifestyle choices have definitely played an important role on Annaborgia’s business model, but let’s not forget that the most important thing for a woman is to feel good in the garment she chooses to wear, it’s an expression and extension of her personality.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.23.50 PM

I love to design playful and flirty clothes. That’s the driving force behind Annaborgia. Let’s celebrate that!

So I take Tom’s words seriously and declare that from now on “ethical is the new sexy”.


Peace out!


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