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Since I started my journey in ethical fashion I had the chance to meet quite a number of  inspiring women. From what I observed during these past two years, female entrepreneurs are the indisputable leaders and motivators in leading the fashion industry towards sustainability. I have been truly impressed with the sense of camaraderie and support I have witnessed as an emerging designer. It goes beyond everyone’s individual need of accomplishment. We all share a poignant sense of responsibility, a need to be game-changers for a better future.

This constant synergy, was what brought to life ZOLA, a new sustainable lifestyle digital magazine, conceived by blogger Kali Koller (editor and creator of Style Conscious).  I am really proud to be among the contributors of its debut issue. And to get you more acquainted with ZOLA, who better then Kali herself could share her inspiration behind her project?


Kali, first of all, what inspired you to become an eco blogger?

I first got interested in writing, photography, and graphic design during my college years of fashion school when I took my business writing course. A single mother entrepreneur taught the course; she inspired so much creativity and encouraged breaking the rules. I’ve made many attempts since that class to start a blog, but nothing really stuck. I was the type of person who thought everything on my blog needed to fit inside this little tiny, niche box. I started Style Conscious after college, when I started learning all of the horrors of the fashion industry. The same industry I just spent 4 years learning about. I kept Style Conscious in that little tiny box, only being about ethical fashion. But my passions expanded. From there, I became interested in overall eco-friendly living. Creating a lifestyle that focused more on the environment also instilled a desire to treat my body better. So, I then started putting fitness and nutrition high on my priority list. I’ve learned from this that things do not need to fit inside a tiny box. It’s ok to be interested and passionate about more than one thing.

How did the idea of Zola come about?

Before I really started blogging, I started working on Halfstack Magazine, the publication founded by the single entrepreneur that inspired me in that writing course! I still currently work for Halfstack Magazine’s Art Department, utilizing my skills I developed and loved during college. I am a ‘big picture’ kid of gal and love bringing people together. I wanted to create something that could use people’s talents and passion towards a common goal. While I definitely love blogging, developing a magazine with multiple writers using different perspectives and critical thinking has always been my dream.

What is your vision/expectations for Zola in 2017?

I envision expanding in 2017. Zola’s first issue has already had an amazing response from readers around the world. We already have been receiving emails from others who want to be a part of Zola! I want to bring in fresh ideas, spotlighting ethical small businesses, and controversial issues that matter. I can’t wait to see the issues develop and only get better over the course of next year!

Thank you Kali! And while we’re already putting ideas together for February’s Issue, please enjoy Zola Holiday Issue focusing on ethical fashion and featuring Annaborgia, Maven Women, Songa Designs, captivating articles on the ethical lifestyle and a not to be missed Holiday gift guide inspired by a zero waste living!

Happy reading!

Zola Sustainable Magazine

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