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We’re having an extra post this week as we couldn’t resist sharing some of the latest happening at Annaborgia. Attention Fashionistas and Wedding Fans, now you can follow our blog on Bloglovin! How easy is that! The hit of a button and you’ll get our weekly feed along with your favorite Blogloving content.

This weekend I am working on next Monday’s article featuring the awesome work of Dana Bronfman, a Conscious Luxury Jewelry Designer from New York. She recently mentioned Annaborgia in her blog while discussing Animals Used in Fashion. I am proud to have Annaborgia named alongside Stella McCartney, a true Pioneer of Luxury Sustainable Fashion. She described Annaborgia as ‘forward thinking and cutting-edge’! We feel compelled to work twice as hard to deserve such mention!!



annaborgia May News

Yesterday we sent out our May Newsletter with a recap of what has happened at Annaborgia this past month. Just for this time we’ll share it on the blog 🙂 You can sign up on the box below to receive our next Monthly News directly in your inbox. We’ll be gifting our subscribers with Exclusive Rewards following our eStore Launch!

We hope you enjoy Memorial Day Weekend, have some fun while we work away 😉


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