Fashion Revolution Week 2017

A look at Fashion Revolution Week 2017 events around the world


The most exciting week for sustainable fashion lovers is coming!

Last year marked Annaborgia’s first time participating at Fashion Revolution events in San Francisco. It felt so inspiring to be part of a growing movement of fashion revolutionaries! After all, revolutions throughout history have really changed the destiny of humanity! We hope this pacifist journey towards a more conscious fashion consumption will enroll more and more enthusiasts and achieve (as soon as possible!) worldwide labor rights and safer practices for the benefit of mother Earth and all its inhabitants. 

Alas, this year, I am still working on new designs in Italy and won’t be able to join the numerous happenings in San Francisco. But I can still participate in spirit, sharing with you not only what’s happening in the City by the Bay… I asked my ethical fashion community to send along any information they would like to share about international events they’re involved with, so if you’re lucky to be living around the following areas, make sure to show your support for these fashion revolutionaries on the week through April 24th/30th. 


The event line up for the San Francisco community is more engaging then ever!

My friend and Fashion Revolution West Coast Regional Coordinator Andrea Plell tells us: “Although sparked by a tragic occurrence, the Fashion Revolution has become a beautiful means of unification in demand for transparency in the way clothing is sourced, produced and sold. I am humbled by the shared compassion and motivation to make the apparel industry a more ethical space. Every Fashion Revolution Week reminds me that I am not alone in this fight and brings forth a shared reinvigoration that helps us further develop meaningful collaborations as well as collective innovations that encourage impactful change. Being able to co-produce these grassroots events in partnership with the many passionate people, brands, bloggers, and businesses within our community that echo that voice is something so indescribably special. It touches my heart.”

The first event of Fashion Revolution Week series in the Bay Area takes place at the Stanford University’s on Sunday, April 23rd focuses on understanding the fashion production challenges we face and how we can overcome them together from a human-centered design perspective. They be hosting two floors of rad free admission events:

Ground floor: hands-on activities for any and all visitors. Discussion forums. Photo booths to show your clothing tags and ask #whomademyclothes on social media. Educational games. Gain awareness about the fashion industry and win cool prizes. Fashion shows and artwork/displays. See what fashion-forward really means.

Second floor studio: a private, radical collaboration workshop for fashion industry professionals that will lead to an actionable toolkit for communication when working through value chain challenges.

On Tuesday April 25th, join the Fashion Revolution West Coast group for a night of  “re-fashioning” fun and cocktails at the Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito.

Don’t throw away your old clothes just because it has a tear, stain, or is going out of style! Keep your wardrobe out of the landfill by learning 3 techniques that will bring your old clothes back to life.Some of the best artisans in the Bay Area will show you how to save your used or damaged clothing. You will walk away with three techniques in your arsenal: mending, natural dyeing, and embroidery. In addition to light snacks and adult beverages, there will also be a #iReMadeMyClothes photo booth to show off your renewed duds!

Find more events, including the un-missable Fashion Revolution March on April 29th through the downtown streets of San Francisco, in Fashion Revolution West Coast Facebook Page.


To join the conversation in Los Angeles,  EcoSessions will gather leaders to discuss what makes fashion sustainable; why the maker and material matter. Featuring some brands at the forefront of this space: Reformation, Groceries Apparel and Outerknown. Eco Sessions is hosted by Sica Schmitz, Founder of Bead & Reel online ethical boutique and inspiring slow fashion activist. Sica just picked up the Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council Award for Best Small Business, and congratulations are in order! Sica kindly shares with us her thoughts on the importance of the Fashion Revolution Movement:

“Fashion Revolution Day is important to me because it’s really the reason I first started learning more about fair trade fashion. I was shocked and horrified when I first hear about the collapse of the Rana Plaza, and it forced me to stop blindingly participating in fashion and instead start asking questions. While I hope to never see another tragedy like this one, I’m optimistic to see that it has propelled more and more people and companies are becoming interested in ethical manufacturing”. 


If you’re in LA, please don’t miss What’s in My Clothes an educational event exploring fashion’s impact on health.


Chicago Fair Trade hosts a screening of “Clothes to die for”,  a documentary about the Rana Plaza tragedy, followed by Q&A with Kelsey Timmerman author of “Where Am I Wearing”.  Fashion show + panel discussion, fund raisers and more screenings also in the calendar


Kelli Donovan, founder of Pure Pod is running a Slow Fashioned Workshop in Canberra, Australia, to encourage new designers and the public to design in more ethical ways and buy more sustainable products.

Pure Pod’s weekend workshop is designed for you to learn more about the comparison of the ethical & sustainable fashion industry & the ever growing enormous fast fashion industry. If you have ever dreamed of studying fashion or want to learn more about how you can buy clothing, shoes and accessories more ethically, this workshop is for you.
Learn about what is happening around the globe in this fast industry, the positives and negatives of working in it, writing about it or starting your own ethical brand. This class will be a half day introduction workshop for those who want to learn more for their personal wardrobes, to work in ethical fashion or to write about it in blogs or for magazines.


In Brighton, Revival Collective have teamed up with Brighton Girl Magazine to bring 8 diverse events happening across the last week of April, kicking off with a screening exposing the dark truth behind ‘#whomademyclothes’. Hannan Majid and Richard York’s 2010 documentary highlights the lack of transparency within the fashion industry, and explores the unethical exploitation of garment workers through the stories of three, young women, working in factories in Dhaka.

For a complete list of events visit the Brighton Fashion Revolution Facebook Page.


Nuethical, running creative and innovative events in Dublin, is hosting two significant events in Dublin on April 30th.

A Swap Shop and an Up-cycling workshop.

How does the swap shop work?
Bring along clothes in wearable, lovable condition that you wish to swap. You will get one token for each item. As this is a ticketed event, once you have your ticket there will be no check out charge for the items you take home – all swap will be free.

Up-cycling Workshop:

Knitwear designer and mend expert, Liadain Aiken will take you through Japanese Boro denim mending techniques, teach you how to darn and provide beautiful patches for your jeans, jumpers and shirts. Bring along you own pre-worn clothes in need of a bit of sprucing up or repairs! This event will take place in the Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane at 12pm on April 30th.

More details on these events and more in Ireland on Fashion Revolution Ireland Facebook page


Swap shops, mending and sewing workshops are most popular during Fashion Revolution Week, they’re happening in Canada, England, Brazil, Indonesia, China, South Africa just to name a few. If we missed your area in this post, please check your local Fashion Revolution Facebook page (a quick google search will do), visit the founders of Fashion Revolution organization event page or join the Ethical Hour Chat on Twitter on April 24th at 8pm British time for the latest news.

Next Monday, the weekly appointment with Ethical Hour chat, will specifically focus on Ethical Fashion. During the chat several ethical fashion brands and bloggers will be sharing their information and advice on shopping ethically, loving your clothes and wearing ethical style.

And of course, I would love to hear from you! Are you doing anything special next week? If you have any event you are organizing or attending, please share with us in the comment box.

Have a wonderful Fashion Revolution Week and make it last.. all year round!!


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