Annaborgia Wins Best San Francisco Sustainable Collection

Feels so unreal but it happened! We won Best San Francisco Sustainable Collection 2016!

People say runways are such a nerve wreck experience. Somehow for me, it was just a dream come true, and really enjoyed every minute of it. Not even the uncertainty, just a few hours before the show, of having to substitute models from the daily drop outs, fazed me. Somehow it all worked out magically, the Fashion Community Week team was so organized and provided new models before we could complain 🙂

Karen and I even had time to grab some food at the runway location, Crystal Jade Restaurant, enjoying the spectacular view of the Ferry Building in the company of some friends who came out to support us!

After the first fitting and styling decisions, we just couldn’t wait to put the models back in our clothes and see them walk the runway! They just looked stunning and I felt everything would have worked out smoothly. We were the last of the six designers scheduled to exit so Karen and I enjoyed watching the first part of the show and the great work of our talented colleagues Collen Joyce, Boho Coats, Yuliya Raquel, Spicer Bags, Le Belle Moi Joyce.

After the fourth show, we got back in the fitting lounge and one by one our models started coming in to slip into our clothes. It was finally a matter of minutes before showtime!


We can’t wait to see the official runway photos, but for now, we’ve but together a quick collage from friend’s photos! A video of our runway is available on our Facebook page


What a great fun for me to walk the runway (in flats!) with beautiful Bella who also brought home a trophy for best model of the show. Just a few minutes after we walked out of stage, we were called back for the winner announcement and I was really stunned when I heard my name called! I was so surprised I couldn’t even put a good sentence together for the press!

It really was a magical day. Winning an award at our first runway show was simply unexpected!


We’d like to thank Shirin Hashem and her team for putting together a fabulous and successful series of  events for Fashion Community Week. We are so grateful they included us in their finale day showcasing eco friendly fashion and awarded us as Best Sustainable Collection 2016. The cherry on top of the (vegan) cake! 🙂

Thank you!



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