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  • This Summer, Keep Insects Away Vegan Style

    Summer is here! We’re all loving the warm temperatures, the nice evening breeze, the light clothes on our skin. Everyone can enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts, spending longer hours outdoors, at the beach, the country-side or the mountains. And while we are aware and more prepared for summer insidious outdoor encounters with insects, we […]

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  • Give back on your wedding day Ideas To Give Back On Your Wedding Day

    Guest Writer Simona Campli shares ideas on how to give back on your wedding day. They say the act of giving back brings higher self-esteem and happiness. Hauling gratitude and kindness in a moment of joy can, in fact, create an exponential positive wave.  On the other hand, if you’re not careful, planning a wedding can easily […]

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  • how to preserve your clothes How To Preserve Your Clothes

    Sense of Aesthetic blogger Stephanie shares her tips on how to preserve your clothes for a longer lifespan If you are anything like me, you probably have certain garments that are your favorites. These are treasures that I’ve had for years, and it’s a heartbreaking for me to see them loose their luster over time. […]

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