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  • Real Weddings: The Stella Dress goes to Hawaii

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we couldn’t be happier to share these images of love featuring our Stella Dress! Our friend Debra Chin, San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur and founder of Motochic Gear  chose to wear our Stella Dress for her November destination wedding in romantic Kauai. And her wedding photos from […]

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  • Annaborgia featured on Vilda Magazine

    What a start of 2018 thanks to our latest appearance on “Complete Guide to Vegan Fashion” on Vilda Magazine!    It feels like we reached another milestone being featured on Vilda Magazine (a long dream of mine!), which is one of UK’s most recognized vegan lifestyle magazines. The “Complete Guide to Vegan Fashion” editorial explores […]

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  • Introducing The Sandy Jacket

    The history of the leather jacket dates back to the first World War, when it became the uniform of fighter pilots. Through the subsequent decades, the leather jacket took on different symbolic importance based upon issues important for the times.  In the 1950s, it embodied rebellion (remember James Dean?); in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it […]

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  • Annaborgia’s End Of Summer Sale

    Although it doesn’t feel like the end of Summer here in California, the calendar marks only 10 days before the start of Fall. How about making these last few days less bittersweet and enjoy Annaborgia’s End of Summer Sale? After all, you won’t have to wait till next year to wear our sale items, they […]

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  • Annaborgia, now officially dressing real life wonder women!

    Being a mother is the toughest job out there. My admiration goes out to all the ladies out there juggling jobs, husbands, organizing the household while raising kids… this is stuff for real life wonder women! And speaking of real life heroines, last month, we had the pleasure to connect with blogger mom Nickie Bagai. […]

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  • Introducing The London Skirts

    It’s just beginning to heat up here in Northern California but the women at Annaborgia are focusing their attention on making next Fall look a bit more glamorous! Those who are familiar with our resort and bridal friendly minimal aesthetic will be pleased to find the same clean lines carried on some new fall pieces. […]

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  • Introducing The New Reversible Two-Toned Nessa Top

    One shoulder tops are making a come back! When i started playing around on my sketch book with designs for a one-shoulder top that would represent Annaborgia’s style, I was immediately inspired by the Maggie Gyllenhaal character, Nessa Stein, from “The Honorable Woman.”  Nessa starts out in the show as a feisty strong woman who slowly […]

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  • Annaborgia Scarlett Belt Meet the Scarlett Belt, Annaborgia’s first accessory

    Annaborgia’s first accessory has arrived! We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new product on Annaborgia’s eShop. The Scarlett Belt is a vegan eco-leather wrap-around belt that was designed to perfectly complement all of the existing and up-coming Annaborgia looks. A versatile and comfortable accessory, the Scarlett Belt expands the Annaborgia wardrobe by […]

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