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  • Even Minimalists Love Sequins

    A brief history of sequins: from King Tut to our homage to the Queen of Disco One can not help but wonder if Leonardo da Vinci was thinking about sequins when he was sketching a machine that would punch (with levers and pulleys) small disks out of a metal sheet. Sadly, we will never know because […]

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  • vegetable leather shoe Vegetable Leather on its way

    This week, we’d love to share some revolutionary news in the world of sustainable fashion research. We’ve stumbled into an article on Il Sole 24 Ore Italian newspaper’s blog Food24 written by journalist Maria Teresa Manuelli and we thought it would be such good news to share with our environmentalist, animal activist nonetheless hard-core fashionista readers. We hope […]

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  • Why we avoid wool Why We Avoid Wool

    Wool seems to be an often forgotten material when one thinks about cruel by-products. You probably imagine that a sheep is caught, sheared and let go to continue on its merry way. People usually think that it is as simple a process as getting one’s hair cut. Unfortunately, the process is not that simple. Cruelty […]

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  • Why we avoid using leather Why We Avoid Leather

    Leather has long been a material used for not only clothing, but for furniture and bookbinding as well. A conscious consumer may stay away from leather clothing, but still end up with it as seat interiors in their car or on their couch. Those who adopt a vegan lifestyle of course, cut these products out […]

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  • Raw Silk Why we avoid using silk

    At Annaborgia, when developing our business model, we decided to take a stand against using animal-derived textiles, inspired by our founder’s lifestyle ethics, believing that there is a way to create luxe designs using alternative textiles. Ethical fashion is on the rise and people are more sensitive and curious about it. As much as designers […]

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