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  • Annaborgia featured on Vilda Magazine

    What a start of 2018 thanks to our latest appearance on “Complete Guide to Vegan Fashion” on Vilda Magazine!    It feels like we reached another milestone being featured on Vilda Magazine (a long dream of mine!), which is one of UK’s most recognized vegan lifestyle magazines. The “Complete Guide to Vegan Fashion” editorial explores […]

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  • Annaborgia, now officially dressing real life wonder women!

    Being a mother is the toughest job out there. My admiration goes out to all the ladies out there juggling jobs, husbands, organizing the household while raising kids… this is stuff for real life wonder women! And speaking of real life heroines, last month, we had the pleasure to connect with blogger mom Nickie Bagai. […]

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  • Annaborgia featured on Elegant Magazine

    Happy New Year! We couldn’t give 2017 a better start! We’re ecstatic to share these beautiful images appeared in Elegant Magazine December 2016 Issue. After winning Best Sustainable Fashion Collection in San Francisco in September 2016 we were approached by stylist Estasha Goodwin who has been working with San Francisco brand Boho Coats on the show, […]

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  • Annaborgia is buzzing!

    Well my friends, it’s been a thrilling August so far for Annaborgia. While I am lounging and taking long drives by breath-taking sunflower field views in hot Italy, Annaborgia is buzzing on the Internet! This morning I woke up to an awesome surprise. The totally hot 100%  vegan Trend Privé Magazine is featuring us as […]

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  • Stella Dress in Black An Interview With Our Founder On Trusted Clothes

    Trusted Clothes is one of our go-to blogs to keep up with what’s new with sustainable fashion and environmental issues. We often share their great content with our social media followers. So it’s always a pleasure to see Annaborgia featured on their amazing blog. After last year article Fashion For The Vegan Bride ,  Scott Jacobsen sent […]

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  • Stella Dress featured on Bag At You

    Have you read The Urban Bride post a couple of weeks ago? If so, you may be familiar with our recent encounter with Bag At You fashion blogger Susanne Bavinck Bender. Just in time for her wedding monthly anniversary Susanne wore and praised our Stella Dress! Here are the new exclusive images of our bridal re-wearable gown published […]

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  • Unveiled Wisdom for the Mid Life Bride

    It’s engagement season! A few years back, American Express released a survey stating that approximately 6 million people get engaged on Valentine’s Day…Wow, that’s an astounding number! Are all of these happy couples young, first marrieds? Statistics tell us they’re not. Of the 2.2 million weddings in the U.S every year over 500,000 are mid-life couples. […]

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  • Mebe Bebe for Annaborgia Tendai wears Annaborgia

    Last week we had the honor of entering the Presidential Suite at the munificent Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The occasion for the brief imposition on the regal suite was a styled shoot with our dear friend Tendai, upcoming San Francisco singer/song writer who’s gonna become the talk of the town as soon as her […]

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