About Annaborgia

Working as a wedding photographer for over a decade had a clear impact on our Founder Daniela Degrassi when she founded Annaborgia in 2015. Designing clothes was a new amazing way to express her creativity, but Daniela wanted the whole project to be more meaningful, to be socially helpful.

Witnessing the decadent styles of bridesmaids dresses year after year gave her the input to create a line that would be ceremony friendly while (most importantly) give brides and bridesmaids the great convenience to repurpose their looks after the wedding. Daniela designs have a distinct appeal, she loves to describe it as ‘easy bridal to casual’ transition!

“When I married, in 1994, there was not much talks about sustainability, but even then, I wasn’t interested in purchasing a dress that I’d never wear again, so I opted for a cocktail dress that I was able to wear many times again.  It was actually special to re-wear a dress that had so much meaning to me.  I strongly feel the wedding fashion is in need of a big transformation if we want to make weddings more sustainable going into the future.”

Annaborgia is also designed for women that are conscious about the impact of fast fashion on the environment.  That’s why we veered away from the seasonal concept of fashion collections.  Our concept is to build a capsule wardrobe collection (and keep adding to it) of essentials that will never go out of style, making Annaborgia the go-to brand for women that are not interested in following short lived trends.  This is also a way to empower women to focus more on important issues within the fashion industry and grow their support of Slow Fashion.

All the members of our women-driven team share a passion for fashion and innovation. By combining these two forces, our team strives to bring to life our vision of beauty, confidence and comfort – all while maintaining harmony with our planet.

“It’s hard to classify Annaborgia, because our mission is to be versatile, sustainable and purposeful, without sacrificing on style and glamour!”

Our Supply Chain


Remaining truthful to Daniela’s vegan lifestyle, Annaborgia’s textiles are animal friendly (no animal product or sub-product is used to create our designs) and sourced carefully to offer the quality and feel of high-end textiles.

For most of our designs we use a satin micro fiber; it’s a high-performance, non-wrinkle textile processed without toxic dyes.  It fits our requirements of being light and soft to the touch (just like silk but thankfully cruelty-free!)  and applied to our capsule collection philosophy will allow our garments to last you for many many years to come.

Our signature satin is sourced through Zentex, a Japanese textile house that meets our high quality standards providing documentation on their dye techniques and allows us to order small quantities so we can either run small production locally or offer a ‘made to order’ option to our customers, which enables us to keep the fabric waste to a minimum.

We recently started sourcing fabrics in Italy as well, since our Founder spends many months of the year in her native Country. Through Modatex, we are now sourcing vegan leather (Made in Italy) for our brand new line of Fall looks. Modatex  also allow us to purchase small quantities, which is a real life saver for any start up.

For our production needs, we’ve been relying on local small business manufacturing around the San Francisco Bay Area (Jeannette Inc and Sophia’s Fashion).

Recently, we’ve started working in Italy, in collaboration with Cristina Vit, an experienced seamstress and dedicated teacher. Cristina is now our new product developer working closely with Daniela and making us quite enthusiast about labeling our next creations Made in Italy! In Cristina’s small shop, we’ve been bringing to life our new vegan leather creations!

As a new brand, we still have lots to learn on how we can improve our fashion carbon footprint but we do our best within our small means and resources. For us, it’s a real joy to produce garments you will be able to cherish for a lifetime  while fairly compensating the hands that produce them and without harming any animal in the process.

Daniela in her own words


Growing up in Italy, and in an environment where women weren’t recognized, my instinct drew me to idolize female characters from movies and books with vivacious and fearless personalities. As a young girl I would have been happy to trade places with Pippi Longstockings, the indomitable independent kid that lived with a horse, a monkey and a constant smile on her face.

In my teenage years I was inspired by the unconventional Jo from Alcott’s Little Women, and actress Katharine Hepburn and the defiant tempered women she portrayed in her movies.

Looking back I see that these figures clearly influenced my free spirited personality today.

But freedom is just one element of the equation. For me, the most rewarding way to empowerment is being able to express my creativity. Photography, for many exciting years was that artistic outlet.

Lately, my restless curiosity has lead me to explore a new territory.

Combining my decennial experience in the Wedding Industry with my love of Fashion I created Annaborgia, inspired by a clear goal to revolutionize the Wedding Fashion Industry.

While Annaborgia was in the early planning stages, I had a personal epiphany and I chose a vegan lifestyle. It prompted me to look for cruelty-free textiles which channeled me into the world of Ethical Fashion.

This new lifestyle gives me a stronger motivation to make a difference, and inspire other women that it is possible to express their femininity and love for beauty while making conscious choices.


About Karen

Karen Canaan joined Annaborgia in May 2016 to assist Daniela in handling some of the business-related aspects of Annaborgia so that Daniela can be free to do what she does best – design beautiful clothes for vegan and eco-conscience fashionistas!  Karen is a patent attorney by profession, but her love of fashion is an ingrained personality trait so when Daniela asked Karen to come on board, she jumped at the opportunity.

Karen and Daniela have been friends since Daniela was brought on to take photos at Karen’s 2011 wedding.  Like the fashions at Annaborgia, Karen and Daniela’s relationship survived and flourished following the end of the wedding reception.  In fact, it was Karen and Daniela’s mutual love of fashion that helped bond the two first as fast-friends and then as business partners.